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Dwarven warship "Jarnhvalr"(main)

This sea vessel was forged in the Dwarven shipyards in the Kingdom of Eidfjordenhall. Like most Dwarven creations it is more advanced than most other race's ships for it runs on the secret knowledge of steam. Jarnhvalr's main defense is a large golden tipped ram that can sink most ships with one crushing blow.Also on the end of the mechanical oars are hooks used in battle for attaching to a enemy ship for boarding attacks.Other defenses are dwarven soldiers equipped with flamethrowers to defend against attacks for the air and to set aflame enemy ships.


The build is 30 studs long(not including ram),12 studs wide,and 12 bricks tall


Built for Legends of Brickdom: Dawn of Legends

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Taken on February 9, 2013