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COMPENDIUM: 60 Photostream images of the frigate HMAS QUEENBOROUGH, Part One. Photo RAN Historical. | by Kookaburra2011
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COMPENDIUM: 60 Photostream images of the frigate HMAS QUEENBOROUGH, Part One. Photo RAN Historical.

5435. The Photostream has been fortunate in accumulating an outstanding photo record of HMAS QUEENBOROUGH, RAN 1945-1972, spanning her original build as a Royal Navy 'Q' Class destroyer, and 1950s RAN conversion to a Type 15 fast anti-submarine frigate, later designatged as a destroyer escort.


The QUEENBOROUGH Collection was built initially on photos sent to us by Contributor Geoff Eastwood, whose late dad Roger Eastwood had a particular connection with the ship, and who took and gathered some outstanding images of her, both in the U.K. and in Australia.


From that base, we were lucky to get more original photos - some in authentic 1950s-early 1960s colour - from Contributors Graeme Andrews, Kimerbley Dunstan and Geoff Green, and in total they take the COMPENIUM well beyond the 'RAN Official' look, although we were also given access to some wonderful images from the HMAS CERBERUS Museum.


So here it is, Part One of Two:



Pic 5435 [above] is dated Aug. 2, 1955, the day QUEENBOROUGH became the first RAN ship to enter the Thames and visit London. If the date is correct, that must be the Thames Estuary - it's not familiar to us. The pic is from the Navy Heritage Collection, image ID NO. 04430.


Pic 198. Circa 1967, QUEENBOROUGH passes in the shadow of HMAS MELBOURNE [II]

Pic 627, March 1972, QUEENBOROUGH pays off

Pic 628. Dec 7, 1954, QUEENBOROUGH after conversion.

Pic 629. QUEENBOROUGH with a line from HMAS SYDNEY III John Straczek

Pic 848 July 4, 1962, bow on, at sea

Pic 1222. In group of ships with HMS GLAMORGAN, Sydney 1968 Geoff Green

Pic 1277: 1968 with HMS GLAMORGAN and others at GI, Geoff Green.

Pic 1287: QUEENBOROUGH as the first RAN ship to visit London, Aug. 2, 1955

Pic 1289. June 1971 and the voyage that fractured her hull

Pic 1290, Oct 1968, QUEENBOROUGH as a partially dis-armed training frigate

Pic 1291, decommissioning ceremony for QUEENBOROUGH, GI, April 7, 1972.

Pic 1378. Destroyer HMS QUEENBOROUGH commissioned at Wallsend on Tyne, Dec. 1942

Pic 1379. Destroyer HMS QUEENBOROUGH in Sydney Sept. 1945.

Pic 1385 QUEENBOROUGH in colour, off Sydney, mid-1960s, by Peter Freeman

1706. COLOUR BY Roger Eastwood – in line of ships leaving Sydney Harbour 1959.

Pic 2160 QUEENBOROUGH in the Thames Aug 2, 1955 Cerberus Museum

Pic 2161 QUEENBOROUGH under London Bridge, Aug 2 1955 Cerberus Museum

Pic 2166. QUEENBOROUGH and MELBOURNE [II] family Day on Port Phillip Bay, Feb. 10 1961.

Pic 2190. Nov 29, 1957, approaching Boundary Street Wharf in Brisbane.

Pic 2206. Among barges on the Thames, August 1955

Pic 2207. Among sightseeing boats on the Thames, August 1955.

Pic 2208 QUEENBOROUGH at sea – exceptional portrait !

Pic 2214. Leading ANZAC and TOBRUK, Oct 1954.

Pic 2252: RARE mid-ships close-up of destroyer HMAS QUEENBOROUGH 1948.

Pic 2290, Stormy seas, June 1971, when she was damaged [REPEAT = yes but better print]

Pic 2291, with line from HMAS SYDNEY [III] Oct 1954, prob. J. Straczek.

Pic 2539. Partially disarmed as a training frigate, Circa 1969.

Pic 2540. Overhead aerial in colour by Ross Gillett, Circa 1969.

Pic 2606. In Sydney Harbour 1967

Pic 2607. Also in Sydney Harbour, 1967.

Pic 2796 SIXTIES COLOUR FAVOURITE – QUEENBOROUGH in Bombay [Mumbai] March 18-20 1961 by Kimberley Dunstran.

Pic 2885. QUEENBOROUGH approaches HMS HERMES Exercise JET 61, Bay of Bengal 1961.

Pic 3037: Departing Sydney Circa 1962-63.

Pic 3038: Approaching a refuelling at sea position in heavy seas, 1960s

Pic 3039. Close quarterdeck view with Sentry and Ship Name ring, Hobart Circa 1960.

Pic 3191: DESTROYER QUEENBOROUGH in reserve Sydney Circa 1947.

Pic 3387. DESTROYER QUEENBOROUGH in Sydney Circa Oct. 1945.



Pic 3812: FIFTIES COLOUR, at Noumea 1958.

Pic 5538. Mid-ship detail, by Eric Hogben

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