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Day 365: The Last One

December 31, 2011


365 days, 365 photos completed. A year in photos. I've always wondered what my last photo and description would be like. I didn't expect this. My previous plans were just too planned, too set-up, as I decided. So here you have it, instead - a photo of yours truly dressed in a $12 clearance dress in what she believes as one of the most beautiful places ever - fields I pass by all the time and think of how wonderful it would be to just take some time to get semi-dressed up and do a photoshoot out there. Because I pass these fields and farms all the time, but I've never shot in them.


I saw Alesha's description shown here, and decided that a year in review would be a wonderful way to close my 365 project. I do hope she doesn't mind my stealing of the idea. x). Please don't feel bad about skipping over this if you don't want to put in the time to read it, I will take no offense... it's long. x).


January: I decided to do a 365!!! I started the project with my Kodak Z1012 IS. Yeah - crap. :). Funny thing is my photos were terrible and I can't even stand to look at them anymore. Bleh. I can't say much of anything happened in this month...I was rehearsing for Porgy and Bess (in the orchestra pit) and had my initial back injury. Not fun stuff. At all. I miss Porgy and Bess so much. If I could play in the pit for shows like that every day - that would be incredible. Ah dreams. Favourite photo.


February: Porgy and Bess ends, and I was extremely bummed out by this. EXTREMELY. You guys can't even begin tounderstand how much I loved playing for Porgy. It was incredibly sad to me when it ended. :(. I spent my 19th Valentine's Day, single... for the 19th time. ;). Haha. The National Symphony came and put on a concert - it was so wonderful, and I'm so luck that I got to see and hear them live. This whole month was devoted to trying not to fail Chemistry and die, and also to impatiently awaiting my Canon Rebel EOS T3i... my first big-girl camera!!! The release day FINALLY came, and since they had failed to get it to me on time (I pre-ordered, of course) I couldn't wait for it to ship, so I went straight to the store and picked it up. Happiest day ever. Favourite photo.


March: Lots of growth happened this month. I strongly believe I owe that to buying my nifty fifty 50mm f/1.8. I worked my butt off to be able to buy that (especially after the huge DSLR purchase and all...), but it was soooo worth it. Just another one of those situations where I'm able to say I apprciate things more because I've worked for them or sacrificed for them, instead of being given everything I want. I started getting in front of the camera this month (even though all those photos aren't any good whatsoever). It was one of my goals and something I now suggest to ANYONE who is into photography. You learn so much. On the music front, I met and got to play with Itzhak Perlman which is crazy awesome, and visited my sister for a couple days and went with her to her bridal portrait photoshoot. I also got my first two

ex-plores! Yayyy! Favourite photo.


April: I had my first photoshoots on the first and sixth for my friend's book cover. During the first weekend on this month, I went to Alabama. I came back swearing up and down that I wanted to move to Alabama for at least a year or so of my life - I loved it sooo much down there... the enviornment was wonderful - I never would have expected to love it so much. :). My sister got married!!! Yay! :). I bought a wonderful pair of red heels. I've been waiting for them to come to me for EVER. April housed the first big 'down' in my 365. Favourite photo.


May: Jury and finals weeks just about killed me, but I made it and moved out of my dorm and back home for the summer. Then came my 19th birthday! I remember coming back and getting a message from this lovely lady. It just made my day. And I don't think she can fathom the difference she's made in my photography and even my life in the past year. I got to spend a lot more time with my nephew, Joseph. That was more wonderful than I can say. <3. I started working again (thank goodness!). Doomsday came and left - and guess what? We lived. :). I made it half-way through my 365! Favourite photo.


June: I make a bit of a breakthrough or change with myself, and a lot of it thanks to photography and a couple key people that I've come in contact with here on Flickr - especially this girl and this girl. I made myself a Facebook page! I dyed my hair temporarily... there was hardly any difference, though. It was just a bit redder, but I loved it. I started doing print exchanges (yay!). A reminder. Flickr becomes a kind of sad place most everytime that I sign on. :(. Favourite photo.


July: I already had one really awesome nephew, but July 5th came, and one more came!!! Hello, Sam! <3. Over all it was a busy, but chill month, so there's not much to report on. My dad gave me his Pentax as a loan. I had enrolled for a photography course in the Fall, so I needed an older film camera to use. I had a little newborn photoshoot with my nephew and I've wanted to do another newborn shoot ever since... so fun. :). Favourite photo.


August: As always it seems, I stress out over our orchestra auditions, but as I found out later - it was all well and good. :). I got a Lomography Supersampler and got to learn how to take such wonderful fun photos! School starts back up, and there's not much else to say. Favourite photo.


September: My photography darkroom course took over my life and stole all my time and breath and life. I stopped practicing, and instead spent 30-40 hours a week in the darkroom. The processes were a lot to learn, but so worth it. Because of all this time... I fell out of a lot of things, including my 365. Most days I attempted to take photos... I clicked the button, but wasn't satisfied and didn't have the time to make something out of it... so I never shared those photos with you all on Flickr. Favourite photo.


October: I pretty much decided on the 1st of October that I was done with the darkroom course (and actually dropped it... IN class two days later), even though I was already half-way through. I'm a music major and I wasn't putting the required time in in the practice room. I also decided that my 365 would stop being terrible. I got my new computer fully capable of running Photoshop and Lightroom (which my old computer had failed at for 4/5 months?). I attended a Canon Discovery Day and got to play with pretty lenses, and got a remote (finally). I got to play with the Boston Pops. AwesomeawesomeAWESOME. Side-by-side. Yes. Rehearsals and shows for Romeo et Juliette are happening left and right all throughout this month. I wrote. I never write. Favourite photo.


November: Life happens. Not much else to say. I felt the need to write a description based on "I"s. I bought my favourite shoes ever. And eventually November ended. Favourite photo.


December: I have an awesome cello studio. We had our two Collage shows early this month and it was a blast... I can't wait to do it next year. I had a concert with Pink Martini, which was incredible and I loved all of them! So fun! Jury week came and left. Finals week came and left. I got all As (Woot! I needed those!). Christmas time came, and I got to have a temporary doggie named Lily for a week and a half. Though Reese wasn't too happy all the time about it, we loved having her here! And here we are! Favourite photo.


That's it. :). Thank you all sooo much for your support, comments, messages, favourites, and even friendship for some of you. You all are wonderful. <3. It's been fun!


I will still be posting photos, just on my own schedule. I don't think I'll be starting another project - but we'll see. Expect a video soon answer all those questions you all asked me quite a while ago.


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