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Hippeastrum 'Merry Christmas' at home. | by ER's Eyes - Our planet is beautiful.
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Hippeastrum 'Merry Christmas' at home.

Hippeastrum: Stamens with filaments (white) ending in anthers carrying pollen.



The androecium consists of six stamens with filiform (thread like) filaments, which are fasciculate (in close bundles) and declinate or ascendent. The anthers are dorsifixed or versatile. In the gynaecium, the ovary is inferior and trilocular with pluriovulate locules. The style is filiform, and the stigma trifid. The fruit forms a trivalve capsule containing seeds which are dry, flattened, obliquely winged or irregularly discoid, hardly ever turgid, and globose (spherical) or subglobose, with a brown or black phytomelanous testa.






A trick: when amaryllis opens its flowers, you can cut the immature pollen, that is, before it starts to turn yellow. Just go there on the antennae of the flower core and, with scissors, cut them.


There are three good reasons for you to do this:


1 - pollen stains clothing;

2 - it decreases the duration of the flowers;

3 - pollen is toxic, if ingested, mainly, by pets.


I do not follow these suggestions. I like bees, hummingbirds and other insects visiting them.


1 - I don't care about stains on clothes;

2 - Death is natural, it will die anyway;

3 - I don't have pets.


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Taken on September 2, 2020