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Giant House Spider 2 | by backpackphotography
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Giant House Spider 2

Notice the EIGHT eyes! spiders are crazy.


Giant house spiders, the domestic house spider (barn funnel weaving spider, Tegenaria domestica) and T. duellica/gigantea, it's evil cousins the hobo spiders (T. agrestis), are all funnel web making spiders and are all closely related. And look a lot alike.

They are all vagabonds from Europe coming in on ships.

Only the hobo is venomous, and not this guy.


Males around this time (September) are out and about scoping for females. It is peak human contact season. This is certainly a male. You can tell because of the "boxing gloves" that look like his 9th and 10 legs. They are actually part of his genitalia.


Here's a couple of good sites for more info:

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Taken on September 14, 2007