The Patient Hunter

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    It seems that I'm finding Green Lynx spiders everywhere I look lately. I just found out that they are one of the few spiders capable of actually spitting venom at you if disturbed.....glad I didn't find that out the hard way ;)

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    1. earteman 56 months ago

      Excelente captura...!
      Gracias por tu comentario.

    2. Lisa568 56 months ago

      Scary... but cool :)

    3. Shutterdancer 56 months ago

      Thanks for all of the encouragement are one of my macro heroes.........thanks earteman and Lisa.

    4. Bernard Marx 56 months ago

      Wonderful job here. Great detail!

    5. Michael..J 56 months ago

      Awesome series. You have a great technique for getting the perfect exposure. Well done!

    6. prairiedog (in and out) 56 months ago

      wow, now that is what dangerous dude!!

    7. Shutterdancer 56 months ago

      Thanks,Michael,Michael and Stuart.

    8. Audrey JW 56 months ago

      Wow ! Quelle série extraordinaire ! C'est une pure merveille :-)...

    9. Rampager 55 months ago

      Great set!

    10. Shutterdancer 54 months ago

      Thanks Audrey,Juliano,and FF.

    11. Antonio Martino Cicerale 54 months ago

      Wonderfl pictures and good compositions. It's a particular spider, very coloured. CONGRATS!!!

    12. Shutterdancer 54 months ago

      Thanks Antonio.

    13. Tobi Roaming Africa 54 months ago

      So well camouflaged!!! Amazing details!!!

    14. fisherbray 54 months ago

      Amazing find...Wow!

    15. Shutterdancer 54 months ago

      Thanks fisherbray.

    16. Divemaster Green 54 months ago

      I have never seen one of these in my life. Interesting and kinda creepy. Great shot!

    17. Shutterdancer 54 months ago

      Thanks Robin. Where I live ,they're everywhere ;>)

    18. Tobi Roaming Africa 52 months ago

      What camouflage!!! Fantastic details!!! As usual!!!

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