Firespray 32
The last known Firespray-31 Class Interceptor was a patrol ship that was infamously stolen by the bounty hunter Jango Fett and later belonged to his son Boba Fett. Decades after the Battle of Endor the infamous Firespray was reimagined by Kuat Systems Engineering and a prototype was created. In what seems now like a family tradition the Firespray 32 class prototype was stolen by Boba Fett's daughter-Alyl Fett.

The Firespray 32 was a reimagining of the original Firespray but sleeker, faster, and loaded to the hilt with fire power.
The stabilize fins move independently of each other allowing for far superior maneuverability. The side cowling was integrated into the ships skirt and the bottom of the skirt was flattened and widened to allow for larger cargo to be on-loaded. Additionally, the side cowling flares outwardly giving this ship a sleek and intimidating profile. It is retrofitted with a quad ion engines which are unique in appearance.

Alyl painted this craft in similar colors to her father and grandfather's original Slave 1. It is rumored that Alyl spends much of her time searching the galaxy for the original Slave-1. It's whereabouts and it's pilots whereabouts still remain unknown.
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