Buffalo Creek & Gauley 2-8-0 #13
The first new locomotive to join my personal collection in over 2.5 years.

Not counting my failed 2-10-4, the last locomotive I built for myself was my overhaul of the Pennsylvania streamlined K4 #3768, and that was completed in November 2016. It's been a while.

Building for BMR during that time has been a blast, but I began to feel burned out. I needed to start another personal project, so I did, and here's the result.

#13 has been on my list for a few years. I first learned of the Buffalo Creek & Gauley as a kid watching steam locomotive VHS tapes. The BC&G was featured on one of them. I eventually stumbled on 13, and it quickly became my favorite of the three BC&G 2-8-0's.

My model faithfully represents 13 as it appeared in 1963-1965, sporting the sharp diamond logo on the cab. Under the hood, it's identical to the Brickmania S160 locomotive, so it uses a PF L motor geared directly to L-size drivers. I had to use a custom battery due to space inside the tender, but the one I chose has very similar statistics but with much higher mAh.

I was able to stuff a Dallee Electronics Hi-Line Steam sound card in the tender, controllable from a PF remote. Chuff is synched via magnets to the rear driving axle.

This engine will be making the trip to Brickworld Chicago without me this year, and will be running on the first ever L-Gauge Modular Standard layout. I'm trusting Cale Leiphart to take good care of my brand new locomotive.

I couldn't be happier with how this model turned out. I'd like to thank Cale for his unending support of this project, doing an outstanding job on the decal art, and taking and editing these photos, OKBrickWorks for printing the decals, and Mr. Brooks Stover for his amazing Buffalo Creek & Gauley website.
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