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Kalart-Victor 70-25 16mm sound movie projector

10,000 views as of 7/13/2014!

20,000 views as of 5/15/2016!


Click here to see an updated picture of this classic machine.


This picture of one of the most unusual and fascinating 16mm projectors ever built is probably the most-viewed photo of a 16mm projector on Flickr — over 20,000 views and counting!


Built in the late 1970s and yet it sports a vacuum tube amplifier. This model has changed little since its introduction around 1959-1961.


• See it here.

• Color-coded threading here.

• Easy conversion to magnetic soundtrack recording and here.


I placed a few mouse-over notes when I posted this image, but they remain unavailable until the Flickr (Yahoo) folks officially restore the functionality (someday?); a workaround surfaced around October of 2015 to reveal the notes, but that avenue was closed shortly thereafter. which are inaccessible as-is. Installing the Stig's Flickr Fixr userscript reveals those notes, among other things. Mouse over the image for more information. I originally placed these notes when I uploaded the image back in 2009; a programming change placed the notes in hiatus until the Flickr folks restored full notes capabilities around mid-2016.

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Taken on August 31, 2009