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    All fixed up and reshot thanks to AG's very insightful comment. Thanks for the help!

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    1. seven spoons • tara 71 months ago | reply

      Beautiful and serene. The combination of textures is perfect.

    2. cannelle-vanille 71 months ago | reply

      love the slight sepia (is that right?) tone. it really sets the mood. and love the placemat :)

    3. leslie*thomson 71 months ago | reply

      minimalist beauty
      love it~

    4. tartelette 71 months ago | reply

      Agreed about the cloth. This was a very hurried shot after I received a lovely package and wanted to thank the sender with a picture. Running out light was not helping either!

      Top of the bottle: I tried everything to bring light up there except filling it with milk...doh:) That tip is priceless for the future!

      I admit I sort of like the spot of dark up there but that's probably because I shot it!!

    5. Souvlaki For The Soul 71 months ago | reply

      Wonderful "white on white" Helen. Great capture and I love the tones and post processing.

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    6. Sevinje Bay Photography 71 months ago | reply

      such softness is here ;-)
      like it!

    7. Miss LA 71 months ago | reply

      Just what I need today, simplicité et pureté, merci ...

    8. dsbrennan 71 months ago | reply

      Lovely! The pottery pieces themselves and the photography are just beautiful.

    9. skrockodile ( 71 months ago | reply

      I absolutely adore this white on white - very beautiful. And I'm quite late to comment so I missed the previous. However the only thing I disagree with in the comments above is re: the milk line in the bottle. It struck me as immediately odd that there's a full glass of milk poured and yet the milk bottle is full. I would much rather see some translucency in the top of the bottle. If light getting through it was the issue before, perhaps there would have been another way to address it.

    10. mwhammer 71 months ago | reply

      i liked the dark contrast of the other version, i have to admit. not that this isn't lovely, which it is. it's just that the contrast of that soft white with the dark of the bottle opening felt very soothing and balanced. a lovely picture, and so expertly (deceptively) simple.

      Food Photography Club. This comment was made in the Food Photography Club, the place for in depth discussions on food photography and critique.

    11. tartelette 71 months ago | reply

      The other version has been uploaded again.

      I agree it is odd. Can I call "artistic abstract license" on this one?! ehehe

      I just can't decide which one I like best now!!

    12. Elwira vP 71 months ago | reply

      Great white tones and set up. Beautiful captured!

    13. skrockodile ( 71 months ago | reply

      You could certainly! But I just looked at the other one and I must say - I like it too! So the milk bottle is white - it's not just the milk showing through? I guess this could have been solved by using a clear milk bottle that would have let light in where there was no milk (and shown through to the cloth as well?). I sort of wish this were the one you posted for steve - we could have gotten some insight into how to get light into the bottle (assume you tried reflectors?). At any rate, this is beautiful too - just makes you stop and think for a second! I love white on white - so soothing and simple.

    14. tartelette 71 months ago | reply

      Yes, the bottle is porcelain. It is really cute but definitely one of those harder to use props even though it is terribly cute!
      I think AG was right in his comment of the cloth being too cropped at the bottom in the first shot.
      Maybe a third try?! Ah!
      I tried reflectors, light directly on it, a mirror, and still that dark area.
      Wish I had had the time and opportunity to shoot it for Steve. You're right, it would have been great to get his perspective. Especially on "what if a client wants you to use that product of theirs?" and the product turns out to be incredibly difficult to shoot. Who would have thought for a simple porcelain bottle, eh?!!

      Thanks for all the discussion. I agree....makes my day to have geeky talk round small subjects. That's how I progress!

    15. Saint Claire Studio 71 months ago | reply

      Wonderful white-on-white... tough subject!

      Seen in Joyful Simplicities

    16. jljjld 71 months ago | reply

      Tones and comp...wonderful!!!♥

    17. melampɣrum 61 months ago | reply

      simple yet wonderful, love all the milky shades, warm white

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