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Wow! I’ve been simultaneously tagged by five of my Flickr friends! :) A special thanks to AvaNiviTava, flair4hair, lenoirrr/, RivendellPhotography, and VictoriaScreams for thinking of me. (Hope I didn't miss anyone.)


I was tagged when I first started Flickr, but since I’ve made a lot of new friends since then, I thought it would be OK to rerun my 10 Things list – with two extra “things” and a few changes and additions for those who read my original list.


12 Things About Me


1. I’m extremely claustrophobic. I could never be an astronaut or cave explorer. I can’t even be strapped into a Disney ride and I have to take a Valium when I fly.


2. I miss living in a small town. I grew up in Rupert, Idaho (where my father raised cattle and sugar beets) and miss the “bigness” of small events.


3. I took ballet for 10 years. I even made it to point. (Toe shoes)


4. I hate change – to the point that I don’t even like moving the furniture in my home.


5. My company went from a single employee (me) publishing one tiny niche publication to 40 employees producing 30 art and crafting magazine titles.


6. I’m uncomfortable being in the limelight. I’d rather be behind the scenes, as long as people are aware of my accomplishments.


7. My father also owned and trained thoroughbred racehorses. So I’m familiar with that aspect of “the track.”


8. I wish I had had more than one child. My son would have made a wonderful big brother.


9. I sometimes wish that I had been a nun. I find convents and abbeys very romantic and envy the simplicity and clarity of focus that a nun lives with.


10. I absolutely love romantic comedies, but also count scary movies like Alien and Event Horizon among my favorites.


11. I abhor animal cruelty. I can’t even watch the ads on TV for prevention of cruelty to animals because my heart breaks when I see the pictures they show. And although I’m not a radical animal rights activist, I do dream of a day that animals will never have to suffer any cruelty at the hands of man.


12. I’m constantly amazed at the kindness I find on Flickr. With all of the “meanness” to be found on the internet, I love that people on Flickr are so friendly, kind and supportive.


I’ll be tagging 10 Flickr friends via Flickr mail.


Note: This image is a little different than my normal work (a little heavier on the texture) and it’s similar to the image I used for my original 10 Things, but it was the only image of myself I had in my library.


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