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Omurice (but with leftover einkorn and white beans)

Omurice has been stuck in my head ever since I heard of it. Okay, ever since I started seeing it in animes. I guess it's basically home cooking of a very particular kind- sort of the Japanese equivalent of the grilled cheese sandwich. You won't see it in fine or even neighborhood restaurants (outside of Maid Cafes- an innovation I would like to see here in the 'States). Jiro may never dream of omurice, but moms all over Japan make this for their families. You can Google up a recipe if you want, but it's basically leftover rice, fried up with onion, peppers and meat, dosed with a little tomato and soy sauce, all stuffed inside an omelette. I take it that it's a way to burn up leftovers, in my case making it with einkorn, white beans, and pork shoulder.

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Taken on May 12, 2013