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Rodeo Sunset | by chaybert (Brian Rueb)
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Rodeo Sunset

First off, big thanks to everyone who wished for warm weather for this past weekend’s workshop just for the simple fact they wanted me to have to deal with a ton of naked dudes…I’m pretty sure Jim Patterson was handing out baby oil somewhere in the parking lot just to make that part of the workshop even more uncomfortable for me.


The weather, as everyone hoped for, was very nice…and the nudies were out in force. This time there were a few scattered females in the group…but as soon as they saw a group of 12 people with tripods and camera gear walking towards them, they covered and left. Which I thought was pretty funny. You know there was a conversation in the parking lot something along the lines of,



“C’mon it’s a naked gay beach…it’ll JUST be a bunch of gay guys, and us girls….just do it…everyone has to try a nude beach ONCE….it’ll be fun….it’s not like there’s gonna be a group of photographers running up the beach….”


At one point some naked dude with a burly beard just stood in the surf posing…like some kind of big gay naked Poseidon …arms on hips…smug look on his face.


I don’t think he cared that he was a horrible foreground for our compositions.


Despite the overwhelming nudity…the clouds were great, and of the 3 workshops, this was the best sky we’ve had for this spot.


The rest of the day was nudity free…and we hit all the same spots….ultimately finishing the day up at Rodeo Beach…where we had an AMAZING sunset. I was trying to take a few shots from a slightly different angle on the beach so I could use them for instructional aid…but I got drilled by a wave. It was so bad it got in my waders. I’m not sure what it is (other than me being an idiot) but I bring the waders to ST AY dry…and yet every time I still end up more wet than anyone else, without waders.


The wave also got my cable release wet…and it wouldn’t work anymore…so I actually missed some of the best light screaming at it….and cleaning the salt water off of my filter and glasses.


The last part of the workshop we shot the Golden Gate with a full moon and fireworks show. We joked with the class that we’d arranged the firework as a special treat for them. I think they appreciated it.


The workshop ended around 10pm…and that left me with the fun of the 4 hour drive home operating on only 3 hours sleep the night before….because I had met Stephen at 5:30am in Sausalito to shoot sunrise.


This was the worst late night drive home I’ve ever experienced as far as fatigue. When the cars in front of you look like their hovering above the roadway…lack of sleep might be a problem. It got to the point where I was telling myself. Stay in the road…stay in the road…stay in the road…and then finding myself drifting to somewhere NOT in the road.


I had to give in and take a power nap in Dunnigan California. It was only 15-minutes but I think, ultimately, it got me the rest of the way home without dying. Sleep never felt so good after that.


I also got a new Gitzo tripod from Calumet while I was in the city…let’s see how long this bad boy lasts before I break it. For what it cost, it should’ve been nice enough to drive me home while I was struggling to stay awake…


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Taken on May 9, 2009