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    Doctor Who cookie cutters I made for my friend Cathasaigh's Christmas present. Dalek, Tardis, Slightly 3-D Tardis, K-9. Steel hand bent and then held together at the ends with two machine screws. Cookie pictures forthcoming...

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    1. MooseBot [deleted] 86 months ago | reply


    2. lloydjason 85 months ago | reply

      you should so sell these!!!!! LOVE IT

    3. Bonnie K Orozco photography 75 months ago | reply

      These are lovely. I want a set!

    4. SweetLanda 69 months ago | reply

      These are so awesome.

    5. nyx_in_wonderland 69 months ago | reply

      OMG! I want these something fierce!

    6. DangerGirl_Photography [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      Seriously??? Have you started an Etsy site? I would totally buy a set - wonderful work!

    7. shellipsm 64 months ago | reply

      OK, um, an entire geek universe will buy these from you. Get an etsy shop now!


    8. DangerGirl_Photography [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

      shellipsm AGREEEEEEED!!!!!!

    9. ComputerWhisperer 63 months ago | reply

      I agree too! Esty!

    10. Debbiedas- 62 months ago | reply

      I would TOTALLY buy these. They are awesome.

    11. bellsleeves 55 months ago | reply

      So want a set of these!

    12. Ponder Panda 55 months ago | reply

      I would buy these too!! I know a lot of people who would!! These are great!!

    13. syreene 55 months ago | reply

      Any chance you can post instructions on how you made them?

    14. smagdiel 55 months ago | reply

      You really should make these and sell... I am seeing sets that are no where near as good as these and they are selling for over $90... It is obviouls that so many people would love to own a set of these!! You do GREAT work here!!

    15. Nidaram 55 months ago | reply

      I can't believe how much attention this picture is getting now! It seems to be making its way around the internet. Very cool! I'm sure people would pay $100 for a set of these but by the time I buy food-grade aluminum ribbon and spend the time hand-bending them (and no doubt ruining a few in the process), it will end up being quite a project. Plus I I'm not sure I'm comfortable mass-producing (and selling) something that I don't own.

      However, I DO plan to bake and decorate another batch of cookies with these, to show people how they come out. With the right recipe there's a really high level of fidelity : )

      Thanks for the kind comments, everyone!

    16. Tidmore 55 months ago | reply

      These Really are amazing. I would also totally buy these to make cookies and sandwiches for my sons lunch.

    17. JRD203 51 months ago | reply

      Ditto. I'd love a set!

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