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September 4, 2013 - Question 4 | by Pathology Outlines
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September 4, 2013 - Question 4

A 65 year old male patient with history of type II Diabetes Mellitus and COPD is brought to care by his wife, who has noted intermittent trouble speaking and personality changes. The patient is otherwise well, and does not recognize when these episodes occur. There is no personal or family history of stroke. Physical examination reveals papilledema and normal mental status examination. Imaging studies reveal a lack of cerebral infarction, but demonstrate a low-density mass with calcifications within the left frontal lobe. Further work up reveals lack of additional lesions. The patient undergoes neurosurgical resection, seen below. Histologically, in areas, there is a prominent thin walled vascular component between the cells with a "fried egg" appearance. Which of the following histopathologic staining patterns is expected in this diagnosis?


a. Vimentin, EMA, reticulin positivity

b. Leu 7, S100 positivity

c. GFAP positivity

d. Cytokeratin, EMA positivity

e. Melanin, HMB45 antigen positivity


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Source: BoardVitals, 9/4/2013

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