CN Tower's 40th Anniversary - A Visual History
Between December 1972 and June 1976 the construction and completion of Toronto's CN Tower was considered one of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World, and all done (primarily) by Canadians. However, its designers, engineers, architects and construction workers were all but forgotten and ignored for most of the next 40 years -- a common sentiment felt amongst all the CN Tower personnel interviewed for this project. The historian of this project has spent over 10 years, and 5 years of intense CN Tower personnel interviews (to date), recreating the exact day by day history of the CN Tower, from its roots in the proposed Metro Centre development in 1968 through to its final completion in 1976. The focus on this project is primarily centered on the design, engineering and construction aspects of the tower as well as the biographies and lives of the people + companies who built it. Very few people in the public were privy to this information during the 1970's (for well defined reasons) and hence missed out on the most fascinating "behind the scenes" aspects of the tower's construction process that would have otherwise been commonplace in today's fast paced social media networks.

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These 21 collages represent the completion of "phase 1" of the project which was to locate, define and accurately recreate a visual timeline of the tower's construction, and all in high resolution colour photos. People today are inundated with high quality, colour photos in their news feeds but one must understand that such imagery, during the CN Tower's construction, was non-existent, and at most, low quality B&W images taken of people or at a distance from the tower. Hence, this is the first collection of on-site photos ever produced of the CN Tower's construction, in a form that would/should have been presented to the public in the 70's had social media and the Internet been available. The collages were not created "in a week" but rather have taken many thousands of hours to locate, scan, clean-up, document, arrange in sequence and then selectively organize into these collages.

** Please make sure to read the long explanation text which accompanies each collage. Some people may not be aware of the existence of this overview text and its associated selective stories from the original CN Tower personnel.

These images and collages are all highly copyrighted and protected, and are not to be reproduced whatsoever. This includes extracting partial or full images from the collages to be used on WEB sites, in social media platforms or in publications.

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