Meyer-Optik Görlitz Domiron 50 F2
Domiron 2/50

The 6-lens new Meyer-high-performance lens - intended as the leaked classic Primo successor plan 1.9 / 58 - is a construction according to the already longer known Gaussian design principle. This design allows particularly efficient and bright symmetrically built lenses. Although necessary in this type of lens centrally disposed aperture caused some construction technical difficulties, making the lens but compared Domiron average scattering light influences insensitive. The also deeply arranged as amended lens construction makes the Domiron a lens hood so unnecessary in most cases. In addition, this new lens still got one for then-normal lenses unusually long cochlear duct, which promoted it with a shortest focusing distance of 34 cm to almost macro lens.

The Domiron - presented at the Leipzig Spring Fair 1960 - was considered as quite rightly with the DDR-quality grade "Q1". Nevertheless (or perhaps because of it) had the production in a short time be reinstated. Apparently it was the newly created recently in Jena Flexon / Pancolar 2.0 / 50 as unwanted competition into the enclosure. As has often - - at a disadvantage, since both companies were part of the Kombinat Pentacon lens, Meyer had. A few years later allowed the Domiron celebrate as "Oreston" his resurrection, however, the exacta photographer was denied. Only with the RTL1000 received the Oreston a Exakta bayonet with internal triggering (s. Below in the 6th version).

In the Ihagee Exakta price lists the Domiron will only appear for a short time in December 1962, March 1963 - oddly enough, as "D". The Exakta IIa Varex cost with this lens DM 656 and DM 35 was thus cheaper than the same camera with the Jena Pancolar ...

Domiron 2/50 2/50 aDomiron Domiron 2/50 of 1963, as all previous Meyer lenses even with left-handed removal setting. Only the Domiplan the usual even with Zeiss Jena right-handed setting was adjusted. However, in contrast to the Domiplan Domiron has an auto / manual switchover.

Domiron 2/50 black Domiron schwarzDomiron 2/50 with black version, otherwise in the same design and made of the same Year as the bare Version (1963).

In 1963, Meyer made a few lenses with black anodizing of the current production, in addition to this Domiron I also know a Trioplan 2.8 / 100 (pictured below). I know a bare Domiron No. 2,674,901, this black with the number 2674887 was built probably on the same day! But both are optically and mechanically identical.

The reasons for this special production I do not know. Apparently it is only unique pieces that have been anodized black, probably there were special customer requests. Also conceivable is a sample production in anticipation of the new lens lines. The newly developed lenses (Oreston, Trioplan N, Domiplan etc.) were in any case consistently produced in black. A bare Trioplan N (s. Brochure image), however, never met me.
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