Female Figurines, Ethiopia

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    From Matara, no date given.

    In the collection of the National Museum, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Taken without flash.

    (I am indebted to the blog "Will's Way" willdoherty.org/wordpress/?cat=71 for the information about these pieces; the author is more thorough about documenting his museum photos than I am.)

    I've complied with restrictions on the use of flash, and taken photos only when permitted by the museum.

    1. archidave ages ago | reply

      an extraordinary collection of pics from an otherwise distant museum, thanks you

    2. A.Davey ages ago | reply

      I'm glad you liked them, archidave.

      Another museum, the museum of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at Addis Ababa University, has spectacular collections of art and ethnographic materials that are splendidly displayed and documented. Alas, the Museum strictly prohibits photography; in fact, cameras aren't even permitted in the building, a former imperial palace.

      As a former palace, the building also contains exhibits of the lavish gifts Emperor Haile Selassie I received from foreign governments and his fellow potentates. And you can tour his loo!

      Eventually, I'll post photos of the exterior of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies and of the Italians' almost surreal monument to their brief rule in Ethiopia.

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