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14/365 - Locked out. | by BLW Photography
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14/365 - Locked out.

September 24, 2009


So, after my class from 9-3, I drive the hour long trip home in my '88 Honda with NO air conditioning, sweat on every inch of my body. I ran out of drink and couldn't wait to pull into the driveway, walk into the house, get something to drink and strip into some cooler & fresh clothes.


From the end of the street, I see, oh yay, Kathy & Linda's vehicles! Yay company! I get closer and realize that Sylvia's vehicle is gone, meaning they've gone somewhere.

And Todd's car is gone, too.


I don't have a key to the house. I had called Todd when I got out of my class to let him know I was on my way home, soo I didn't understand why he would've left the house knowing I didn't have a key and would be home any minute.


I call Todd. He doesn't answer. I text him saying, "I don't have a house key, you know." I try to call Kathy, she doesn't answer either. Great. I text her, "Think Sylvia would mind making me a copy of the key?" No response.


Todd finally calls back, "Oh, sorry. I went to the post office, didn't know it would take so long." (To mail a package I'd asked him to, granted, but he'd had ALL DAY and waited until the MOMENT I was coming home to do it.)


GRRR. I was so exhausted and angry, I slept for like 3 hours to "cool down".


Sorry, Todd. I'm finding it works best if I don't even mention to you that I'm angry and why. Some may say that's poor communication, but I'd rather avoid the altercation where I beat your ass and you cry for mercy. Save your pride, and stuff.

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Taken on September 24, 2009