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    I had lunch today with fellow knitter/designer/teacher Robin Hunter, and we got the waitress to snap a photo of us for a quick reference. Robin pointed out that she and I have almost the same bust size and would therefore be likely choosing the same pattern size given most mainstream pattern size ranges.

    However, we are about 7 ins different in height (she is wearing heels in this photo), my cross-shoulder measurement is 2 ins wider than hers, and her sleeves and torso measurement on her sweater would be 2-3 ins shorter than mine. By any stretch of the knitterly imagination, we are knitting totally different sweaters, even though our bust sizes would seem to indicate otherwise at first glance.

    1. jessspress 19 months ago | reply

      Such a good reminder that patterns are not one size fits all! More like one size fits one -maybe!

    2. Laurie in Mpls. 19 months ago | reply

      Yes! This! SO MUCH this! People get into trouble with sewn clothing because of the same issues. (But that is why I so much prefer to *make* stuff than to buy it -- because you can control for differences better at the start than by trying to fix it later.) YOU are a genius, lady!

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