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This is a collection of photos that were taken by Missouri Preservation's Bill Hart as he has traveled throughout the state helping Missourians preserve places that matter most to them.

He noticed the sheer number of barns as he traveled Missouri's roads, and also noticed the rapidity at which they were being lost. He started taking photographs and cataloging them by county and street so that we might have a visual record of what he saw. This collection represents the whole ball of wax - from beauty to barely existing - of the Missouri barns captured from 2008-2011.

In response to the need to advocate specifically for the barn and farmstead in Missouri as endangered resources, the Missouri Barn Alliance and Rural Network (Mo BARN) was incorporated. Mo BARN is working with the State Historic Preservation Office in conducting a statewide survey of barns and farmsteads and working to engage local preservationists to participate in the process. Write to missouribarn@yahoo for further information.

Note: Photographs are tagged by County Name, then town and/or road, then the letter in series, then date (e.g. Perry US61 a 050910)
Photographs in this collection are the property of the author and may not be used, copied or replicated without express written permission.

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