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d'Elegance 212/365

I've always loved vintage automobiles... I'll be the first to admit that I don't know everything about these classic beauties, nor do I know everything about all the automakers of the past.. but something about these beauties always drew my attention... the sexy curves, the huge engines, the design.. except for a few current models, nothing matches these classic beauties.. and thus, I am always mesmerized whenever I see one on the road..


So, when I read a couple of days ago that this year's Concourse d'Elegance was in a town nearby and it would be open to the public, I was thrilled.. it wasn't a free event, but just the chance to see some of the oldest automobiles up close and person and in pristine condition was an opportunity I didn't want to pass by...


So, today I did just that... it sure was another scorcher of a day, and a nightmare for any serious photographer given the crowd and the arrangement of these fine vehicles... somehow I had envisioned these cars to be lined up against a nice backdrop and there would be enough space between two that I could get some nice pictures...!!!! No.... that's what they show in the "advertisement shots" only.. :-)


So, I had to go wide to get close and try to keep people out of the frame.. but, in some instances, it just wasn't possible even if I waited 10-15 minutes to get a shot.. people could care less, and I guess I understand.. so, no regrets. I did manage to get some decent shots of static displays, which I'll process in due time...


Just when the parade started, I got a call from home.. :-( So, got a few panning shots as the cars drove by past the main exhibition spot (where they describe more about these beauties)..


My dream of visiting this fine exhibition was fulfilled.. hopefully, I get a chance to shoot these exclusively one day...

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Taken on July 31, 2011