Opera Rara series

The idea of creating an annual opera cycle based on ambitious productions triumphing on stages of the most important opera theatres and festivals in Italy, France, Great Britain or Germany, is a brave project of presenting in Krakow works from the freshest European circulation.

A concert performance of Antonio Vivaldi’s opera Ercole sul Termondonte began the cycle Opera Rara in January 2009, thanks to which the best opera shows will visit the stages of Krakow.

The majority of the performances are reconstructions of past operas from the canon of the XVII and XVIII century. This is a rare opportunity to admire the baroque works, additionally, read anew by leading European interpreters. The initiator of the project – Filip Berkowicz – characterised it in short: “(...) rare, forgotten or lost opera works will be presented in the performance of huge stars”. An example for instance is the opera opening the cycle: in modern times practically unknown, for years considered lost, in its times it achieved amazing success.
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