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Happy Baubling | by raaen99
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Happy Baubling

This year the FFF+ Group have decided to have a monthly challenge called “Freestyle On The Fifth”. A different theme chosen by a member of the group each month, and the image is to be posted on the 5th of the month.


This month the theme, “make me smile” was chosen by David (DaveSPN).


There are lots of things that make me smile, so I have decided to combine different things that make me smile into my photos.


I love being creative. Painting, sketching, photographing, beading, it really doesn’t matter. I grew up with many adages, including that ‘idle hands are the devil’s work’ – not that we were a religious family – so I am always doing something with my spare time. My creative outlets are very cathartic for me, and they certainly make me smile.


Christmas makes me smile. It is my favourite time of year. Christmas traditions are also something that make me smile.


Finally, giving gifts also makes me smile, especially if I have made the gift by hand specifically for someone. I get great joy from making others smile. I hope that this hand-made Christmas bauble makes the friend for whom it is intended, smile.


This Christmas bauble was hand beaded with sequins and pins by me. I have a Christmas tradition. I bead Christmas baubles for a select group of friends every year. This photo collage shows how a bauble I create starts as a naked polystyrene ball and is built up layer upon layer to reach the final end product.


Each bauble is 15 centimetres in diameter and contain hundreds of sequins, varying in number depending upon the complexity of the pattern and the type of sequins I use. Most sequins in this bauble are 5mm in diameter, except the large stars which are 10mm and the small stars which are 3mm. Depending upon the colour of the sequin, I will use either a gold or a silver pin to attach it to the bauble. I always leave the butterflies and stars until last, allowing a gap in the sequin chain to pin them in.


These baubles are smaller than some others I do, however because it is a complex pattern which starts from the inside and is worked outwards in ever larger circles, each bauble takes approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours per side.


It is however, a labour of love which I do to pass the time throughout the year.

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Uploaded on September 5, 2020