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The Desert Mangroves*

The Desert Artistry Series # 4



tip-toe above seawater, mangrove

build new land with the silt you catch

diamond rain and wind play cover you crystalline

impermeable to adversity

against all odds


oysters hide treasure

in the tangle of your roots

your pungent leaves know to turn away

from midday sun for survival

against all odds


you set your baby afloat

only once it can fend for itself

like a fledgling leaving the nest

the seedling bobs along endlessly

against all odds


when the time comes–days, months, years–

the sapling reaches down to anchor in mud below

if it catches nothing, the journey continues

in search of a better place

against all odds


Inspired by the words of Annie Dillard:

“If survival is an art, then mangroves are artists of the beautiful.”



- a snap shot taken at Fuwairit, Qatar during WARP Shoot To Death Year 2 - (S2D2)

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Taken on November 17, 2010