Syd Mead, art of ...
... ever since I was a child the work of Syd Mead has been an inspiration.

Many recognize his work and style without knowing the name. Syd Mead's work, during the height of the 'Populuxe" era, rises above the competition for it's truly visionary style and substance.

He seems to simply 'own' the colors and lines of the Future!

Worldwide access to quality examples of his work are all too rare.
I hope this growing 'set' will help to keep these shining works in front of a new generation of designers and engineers.

(There is a great irony in the fact that although Syd Mead's early work forecast an optimistic technological future - his work on 'Bladerunner' helped to set a powerful dystopian style which predominates today.)

Cynicism and sarcasm are the fashion for now. Let us not give up on a bright artistic future simply because it is not 'popular'.

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