1963 ... television eyeglasses

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    1. Janet Craft 64 months ago | reply

      I'd like to wear something like this on the subway.

    2. Fluxstringer Media Stream 64 months ago | reply

      This lead to the iPod hat. Indirectly of course. but the same idea. Highly personal viewing.


    3. Fluxstringer Media Stream 64 months ago | reply

      Actually I have serious doubts about there being cathode ray tubes small enough for this to work when this picture was taken. I assume this to be a mock up device. Not an operating example.

    4. LouLou - LouLouAndTummie.com - 60 months ago | reply

      you'll poke someones eyes out!

    5. ironhands_07 52 months ago | reply

      i want to buy this kind of thing

    6. juannomore 52 months ago | reply

      Lady Gaga stole this for Polaroid! ^_^

    7. x-ray delta one 51 months ago | reply

      ... just learned that's a photo of Hugo Gernsback.

    8. baldpipeguy 48 months ago | reply

      That's a look that's bound to pull the babes.

    9. EmBee's Web 46 months ago | reply

      A good way to go blind, and crazy.

    10. Black Echo 46 months ago | reply

      Wow! Shemp Howard previewing a free week of Cinemax!

    11. memodiaz 41 months ago | reply

      wow, amazing .

    12. mwhite66 40 months ago | reply

      The guy in the picture is Hugo Gernsback, noted inventor, author, publisher, futurist and the creator of the modern science fiction genre. The TV visor was a mockup he built to illustrate something he thought would be invented in the coming years. And he was right; you can buy video goggles today.

    13. Reconstructing Light 20 months ago | reply

      So this is how he saw into the future.

    14. bloda01 16 months ago | reply

      Strange looking bow tie

    15. Hydra5 11 months ago | reply

      Don't sit too close to the television it'll ruin your eyes and you'll have to wear glas........nevermind.

    16. morbiusx33 4 months ago | reply

      "I see the future and it sucks."

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