Donegal Town: The Diamond 1973

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A scanned postcard that my Aunty Isabel has. Looking at the cars I'd
guess it was taken around 1972 - 74.

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  1. brittraz1963 ages ago | reply

    hi ya micheal,
    Martin Fox owned first building to left, he sold petrol,parafin,also had a pub & a great shop that used to have a wicked sweet selection. My greatest memory is of the wall of drawers that all seemed to contain crowbar tobacco, the smell of boiled ham, loose tea.The lovely Mary Travers & Mary O' Donnell(nee Roper) used to spoil me rotten, Not to mention Martin Fox himself a lovely man, the whole family are all gems in fact..then next door was Kerr Kelly's, a big man with a white coat & brylcreamed hair & Ernie wise glasses..he used to shout a lot.The building to the right of Dunlevey's was belong to a butcher called Joe Kelly.. regards raz

  2. Dave Keeshan ages ago | reply

    I really like this i know its a scan of an old post card but it would be cool to see more old pics like this.

  3. bettlebrox ages ago | reply

    Wish I had more!

  4. Dave Keeshan ages ago | reply

    Having seen this pic I was motivated to track down some similar old card of my two home towns dublin and cork. If your interested they can be found here:

  5. eumac ages ago | reply

    Great to see oldies like these, makes you think what it was like growing up. cheers!

  6. bettlebrox ages ago | reply

    Glad U like the pic! :)

  7. bettlebrox ages ago | reply

    And another old postcard, this time the pic is taken from the top of Miller's Hill:

    Old Donegal Town Postcard

  8. stephendoyle1981 118 months ago | reply

    Nice photo. Good work.

  9. 8kth 109 months ago | reply

    i remember my summers in donegal- bone cakes, dulce and lemonade.
    climbing the castle. walkin round the bank with my auntie`s dog who chased cars over the bridge and going to mass (or i`d be killed. )
    sneaking down to` the pavesi ` where the dance was on and gettin into big trouble for it! sittin on the anchor down the bay !!! i loved it there! (oh and kellys butchers always smelled lovely, strangely compared to meat today!)

  10. bettlebrox 109 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the memories 8kth. And your right, Kelly's butchers did have that smell.

  11. Morgan Mullooly 106 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Donegal Town, Co. Donegal Ireland. Its only a new group, but its the first of its kind, and I'd love to have this photo added to the group! :)

  12. my_angel_toes 104 months ago | reply

    Ah Mick / Raz...blast from the past, I wish I had pics of Dads old shop. With all its drawers behind the counter on the drapery side, and I loved the old system where the money went into the chute and was delivered to the office in a flash. And it seemed like there was miles of sweeties to us kids. Of course my friends used to love to drop by to go to school with me and we'd go via the shop where we grabbed a supply of sugary treats for the walk to school.

    I used to love Kerr Kellys,thanks for the memories. I've often wracked my brains to try and rem the name of that shop.

  13. bettlebrox 104 months ago | reply

    And I miss all the staff in the shop, Mary McGinty, Kate McGlinchy, Mrs. Kerrigan (wasn't that her name?).

  14. adoptee seeks mother 88 months ago | reply

    has anyone got a photo that includes the national hotel or know of it in the 60s in trying to trace my mother

  15. bettlebrox 87 months ago | reply

    Hi there, you could ask on the Donegal forum on, or on the Donegal Friends group on Facebook:

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