CSUN's Romeo & Juliet
Photo Essay by Carla Adelmann
Kevin Hansen and Michelle Beard are two people who have two things they are absolutely sure about; they want to pursue a life in the Theatre, and they want to do it together. Kevin, 21, and Michelle, 22, are graduating as Theatre majors this May, and want to go to Graduate school (if they can get financing somehow). They have been performing and learning together in many projects over the last two years. Kevin wants to act and Michelle would like to keep writing and acting. Named Romeo and Juliet by their friends, they may have a lot to write about using their own life’s drama. “It is complicated, but Michelle’s family and most of mine are against our getting together, and they don’t really know we are together.” Kevin said. And so they have been keeping it secret, at least until now. They continue their education and their lives together at least on campus, the world outside of their homes, and in perhaps romantic parts of the theatre. True love with hopes of having a non-tragic ending. Maybe Shakespeare would have been able to learn from them.
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