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Thanksgiving Cactus cv 'Fuchsia' (Schlumbergera truncata) on the left


Christmas Cactus cv 'Grandma Russell' (Schlumbergera x buckleyi) on the right.


The Christmas Cacti in various colors that we see everywhere during the holidays are NOT really the true Christmas Cacti. These are clones selected for their colors and growth habits and are given various cultivar names. These commercial varieties in an wide array of spectacular colors have been selected and/or induced by chemical and biological manipulation.


The true or heirloom Christmas Cactus had descended from one of William Buckley's hybrid Schlumbergera russelliana X Schlumbergera truncata plants in the 1840s in the Rollisson Nurseries of England and are commonly known now as Schlumbergera x buckleyi.


There are possibly two, perhaps three slightly different surviving clones (vegetative descendents e.g. by layering or cuttings) of three hybrids of this cross, named


Schlumbergera x buckleyi 'Buckleyi',

Schlumbergera x buckleyi 'Rollissonii'

Schlumbergera x buckleyi 'Snowii'


'Buckleyi' = White tube shading to magenta petals

'Rollissonii' = Flowers magenta in color

'Snowii' = Smaller magenta flowers and stem segments.


The Thanksgiving Cactus cv 'Fuchsia' shown here was from the Rockledge Gardens, Rockledge, Florida, USA.


The true Christmas Cactus shown here, lovingly called Grandma Russell, had been propagated from cuttings as it got handed down over few generations in a course of at least 100 years or more from the grand matriarch of the Russell Family of Merritt Island, Florida, USA.


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Taken on January 3, 2007