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Passionflower  #14: LAVENDER LADY  #5 | by 3Point141
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Passionflower #14: LAVENDER LADY #5

'Lavender Lady' is sometimes listed as synonymous with 'Amethyst’, but Passiflora amethystina is the true 'Amethyst’.


'Lavender Lady' was further hybridized by the American plant breeder Patrick Worley, and was introduced in 1982. It was a back-crossed P. amethystina to the ultra-hardy P. caerulea rendering 'Lavender Lady' the passion vine of choice for more northerly gardens of the US.


‘Lavender Lady' blooms almost year-round when grown where winter temperatures don't fall below 35F, or when grown indoors. But it is cold-hardy as a semi-evergreen or partial die-back vine where winters fall even as low as 10F, compared to 'Amethyst' which could be at risk of dying when temperatures dip into the teens.


It does not yield any fruit.


A tender, thin Passionflower with the stunning Lavender color.

Passiflora 'Lavender Lady'

Family Passifloraceae

Satellite Beach, Florida, USA.

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Taken on April 7, 2007