During Bear Creek Park and Shoreline Cleanup by Bread and Cheese Creek Volunteers on 4/20/13
Clean Bread and Cheese Creek Volunteers Today ROCK! Today (4/20) over 130 volunteers arrived at Bear Creek Park and cleaned the shoreline and buffer area form the Bear Creek Swim Club to the Playground in addition to Bear Creek Park itself! Volunteers removed removed over 4 tons of trash (567 trash bags!), over 2 tons of metal that will be recycled, 10 tires, 9 shopping carts, 9 bicycles, 7 plastic lawn chairs, 2 electric lawnmowers, an electric scooter, a huge rear projection TV, a 55 gallon drum, an engine head, an electric roof antenna, and more! Our motto is “Together can make a Difference” and thanks to our volunteers, we are! Today was an incredible first cleanup of Bear Creek and we look forward to continuing our effort to clean up and restore this historic creek!

Unfortunately we did not have any professional photographers today, so if you were a volunteer, and took photos at our cleanup today, please post them and tag us. Thank you! We will post the limited number of photos we do have shortly. Once again THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS YOU ARE OUR GREATEST TREASURE!!!

We would like to thank Papa Johns, Giant Foods (Dundalk), Wal-Mart (Dundalk), The Baltimore Port Alliance, Entenmann’s Bakery (Dundalk) Gold’s Gym, The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, American Rivers and Bob Long for all their donations who helped to make this cleanup possible!

We also want to thank Towson University, Towson University Alumni Association, Bucknell Alumni Association, The Baltimore Port Alliance, Archbishop Curley and Gold’s Gym for all their incredible volunteers without whom this cleanup would not have been possible! (If we accidentally omitted you group please contact and we will add ASAP) Thank you so much again!

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