During 4/10/10 - Volunteers working in Bread and Cheese Creek removing trash and natural debris between Plainfield Road and Willow Road.
This set of photos shows volunteers hard at work in Bread and Cheese Creek between Plainfield Road and Willow Road by after 101 volunteers who spent Saturday 4/10/10 cleaning it. I wish to think everyone who contributed their time to making such a fantastic change.

Anyone can see the huge difference before and after the cleanup. Four thirty yard dumpsters were filled, two with trash, two with metal (mostly shopping carts) and huge stacks of natural debris were all removed from the creek. Some of the more noteworthy debris included three hundred and two bags of trash, twenty-two shopping carts, seventeen tires, six bicycles, four skateboards, two porcelain sinks, a bath tub, an industrial cable spool, a swing set, and a boogie board...
This monumental effort would have never been possible without so many incredible volunteers! Thank you, Thank you all!!!

Visit us at www.Bread-and-Cheese-Creek.com to learn more!
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