During 9/12/09 - Volunteers assisting at the Bread & Cheese Creek Clean-up
This set of photos show how hard volunteers worked at the Bread & Cheese Creek between Plainfield Road and Merritt Boulevard. 56 volunteers spent Saturday 9/12/09 cleaning it. I wish to think everyone who contributed their time to making such a fantastic change.
Anyone can see the huge difference between the first set of photos (before the clean up) and these photos taken after the cleanup. Three forty yard dumpsters were filled, one with trash, one with wood / yard waste, and one with metal (mostly shopping carts). Some of the more noteworthy debris included 36 shopping carts, two motor cycles, six bicycles, a bath tub, a wooden exercise treadmill, several bowling balls, and an Oxy-Acetylene tank.
This monumental effort would have never been possible without so many incredible volunteers! Thank you, Thank you all!!!
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