• yeah tony its a 50mm/d70 body
  • you'd be surprised how many people ask me if it's a high tech ipod...huh?
  • It looks like the white headphone cord! I always thought it had RFID in it or something. - Tony Webster


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My friend Alex decided to try and be me while I was out of the room for a few minutes. (my camera, my work nametag, my phone and my backpack, my hat...cool)
On another note, I bought a d200 body today.

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  1. JulesAmeel 85 months ago | reply

    d200 is fucking sweet congrats! how did you get the weird face texture/glow?

  2. Tamlyn Koga Photography 85 months ago | reply

    I really love this photo the colors and the overall image itself is amazing

  3. Collin Hughes 85 months ago | reply

    what do you mean ditch?

  4. JulesAmeel 85 months ago | reply

    i looks lucas-art like

  5. Collin Hughes 85 months ago | reply

    huh, never thought of that. just a sb800 fired into a black umbrella and some editing ;]

  6. Tony Webster 85 months ago | reply

    All Nikon vs. Canon arguments aside, I think the D200 is pretty close to the 40D. I love 6+ FPS, higher ISO's, etc. Good buy!

    Is that a 50mm?

    Since you're such an iSlut, do you use Aperture 2? :D

  7. Collin Hughes 85 months ago | reply

    naw man, adobe cs3 camera raw and ps. ha, but apple gave me aperture 2 for FREE so i'm super stoked to see how much better they made it.

    and dude, that d200 is phenomenal, bitter sweet that i'm having problems with my d70 but owell.

  8. Dan Cordell 85 months ago | reply

    D200 is hot hot hot, I'm finally buying a 40D,

  9. Taylor-Tomorrow 85 months ago | reply


    but im diggin the hat the most

  10. BionicHedgehog 85 months ago | reply

    Count me in as one more on the dumb list who thought it was an Ipod. I though it was a shuffle or something.

  11. E. Curtin Photography (E-UNIT) 85 months ago | reply

    aaaaaye, brilliant photo!

  12. smellslikeb a b s [deleted] 85 months ago | reply


  13. the.new.slang {365} [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

    i like this shot.
    and you work at the apple store?

  14. Megan Carr 85 months ago | reply

    What kind of Nikon might that one there be?
    I've got a D80.

  15. Elias.e.r 84 months ago | reply

    contains my favorite stuff:
    Nikon camera

    Good looking photo!

  16. kimberlee camera 82 months ago | reply

    is that "Alex heartbreaker" on myspace? hahaha

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