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Almost Lover

Colorado Model Kirbie B


Maybe it's just the Fat Tire (beer) and orange slice talking here… or the sleep depravation that has become a necessary evil for image processing. Regardless, I have been thinking. Why not make some resolutions? Nothing that will improve my physical health or put any money back in my pocket…. but the kind that will shake up the imagery a bit and force me to be a better photographer. It's just too easy to settle for the usual methods.


1. No more small pictures. By popular demand! I have been getting a lot of crap about this. Truthfully I have not been trying to keep the images small. I just couldn't make them big for everyone on Flickr. It's Flickr voodoo or something. Anyway, I am exporting images at size and for most of the images that means F'n huge. I am not sure what the rhyme or reason is behind who gets to see "all sizes" in Flickr, but I am going to work on that too.


2. Shoot more. Simple idea, but when your stupid creative mind comes up with more non-photographic projects than you have time for it's hard to get the shoots in. F That. I am going to get trigger happy with that new camera of mine.


3. Make more mistakes… the kind that can only be made when you are trying new and daring things that may not work at all.


4. Give away all my secrets. Awww hell I do that anyway. I am just going to start doing it in a more formal fashion. I am still open to critiquing and talk shop for those who send me stuff… but I am thinking a newsletter/email thingy. Newsletter thingy here:

Update: this too

and there is this now..



5. More Video. I know there are a lot of Flickr types out there that think video is evil! It might be but it's a new challenge and I have some pretty cool ideas for it.


6. Don't be "too cool for school." That is to say don't be afraid to learn from others and have mentors. Hell, seek out mentors and learn from them. As much as I have been fighting it.. I think Chase Jarvis has become a "silent mentor." Google him.


7. Diversify the social network. It seems silly to post those words on Flickr but if there is one thing I learned this year it's that Flickr can and will pull the plug on you for whatever reason they want. So I am going to branch out and try to "share smarter." You know.. FB, MS, blogs… that stuff.


7a. Use "fewer quotes." Chances are I am not using them right anyway.


8. Subscribe to W magazine again. Oober inspiration and study material.


8a. Updated. I use W mag as a way to breakdown images, roast and toast them… and do a fair bit of scribbling and sketching on the image. If you are brave enough to give me an image to roast up (usually in a nice way) then I dare you to post it to yet another of my groups.. The Flickr Roast Be sure to check the example on the blurb for the group and know what you are getting yourself into.

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Taken on August 26, 2007