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Charles Lee | by kwatson0013
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Charles Lee

Charles Lee was a general in the British Army during the Seven Years War and a General in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.


Born and raised in England, Lee would be placed in 1751 as a Lieutenant in the British Army. In 1754, he was sent to America for the first time to serve under General Edward Braddock and alongside General George Washington. Washington would soon become General Braddocks 2nd in charge and Lee was sent north to help fight in the Northern Territory and Canada. Lee however saw little action and a dislikening of George Washington was started.


After the war, Lee returned to England but was given a piece of Land in Virginia for his service. He would return to the colonies in 1773 to retire his life.


In 1775, at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, Lee joined the American cause and joined the Continental Army. With his knowledge of the British Army, he was hoping to be named Commander and Chief, but that title went to George Washington. Lee, angered at the decision, still was named Major General and and sent to New York to accompany George Washington.


Washington was familiar with Lee and admired his leadership but had no idea of Lee's hatred towards himself. Lee sent many letters to Congress asking to be given total control over the Continental Army and Washington was not a good leader and was single handedly losing the war for America. Washington was accidentally given one of the letters in which he would read. Washington was not angered but disappointed at Lee and himself. He would write his own letter apologizing for his mistakes as a general.


Later that year, Lee was captured by the British and held for 2 years. He would be released in 1778. He was sent straight to Monmouth, NJ where he would be placed under Washington again. As British were retreating, Washington told Lee to take his men and follow forcing British to surrender. A short time later, Washington learned that Lee and his men retreated and allowed British forces to escape. Washington thought Lee was undermining him and reprimanded Lee in front of the whole army.


Lee was court marshalled for treachery and forced to resign from the Continental Army. He would die 3 years later in Philadelphia, Pa and is buried there at Christ Church in the churchyard grounds.


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Taken on March 11, 2011