Iranian-Americans Protest in front of CNN Center - Atlanta GA
Iranian Americans protested in front of the CNN Center here in Atlanta GA, on June 20, 2009, over the unjust tactics employed by the regime against the its citizen. Some demanded regime change, others questioned the election result but all were united in condemning the Iranian government over its barbaric crack down and treatment against the demonstrators.

The protest had been sponsored by the Amnesty International and Iranian Students of Atlanta, namely Georgia State and Georgia Tech universities. Although, there are estimates that put the Iranians reside in Atlanta and suburbs around 20,000 to 25,000, the number of demonstrators with respect to previous Iranian rallies was much higher than usual. Some news agencies (originally AP) reported that 300 demonstrators partook in the protest but I would speculate the numbers are more likely to hit around 150.

After some ethical consideration, I made a decision to "blur" all the identifiable faces as a precaution to the possible regime retribution if any of the protesters is to be recognized once they travel to Iran for visitation. Also, if you notice, I tried to take the majority of the pictures from either behind or far away to minimize the recognition of profiles. For most part, the majority of people were aware that their pictures would probably be taken at some juncture so they had their faces covered with shades and hats.

UPDATE (07.17.2009): From some unconfirmed reports, the regime is actively scanning social network sites such as Facebook for people who participate in demonstrations. One incident revealed that a traveler to Iran was asked whether she had a Facebook page and upon a negative answer, her Facebook was pulled out and the name of the friends in her network were recorded. There was another incident in which a person who had participated in one of the rallies abroad with group of people who waved an official Iranian flag used during Shah era, upon the arrest at one of the post-election protests in Iran, had his photo identified and he was subsequently tortured over this one image.

Unfortunately, the scheduled protest was coincided with several African-American concerts in downtown Atlanta and over time, the authorities construed that our presence was becoming a nuisance in the high congestion area (CNN Center entrance). Subsequently, we were routed to the other side of the CNN Center, on Marietta St, in front of the Centennial Olympic park. For most part, the concert goers either were indifferent or showed some sporadic but meager support for the cause -- other than a short-lived gang fight that ensued around 6:40 PM, there was no other incident reported.

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