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no internet for 7 days!!!!!

i can't believe how hooked i am on the internet (FLICKR) i woke up on friday morning and tried to log on at 7.30 no luck, after half a wasted day trying realised the router was totally fucked, came to terms (not very well)with the fact would have to go friday night with no internet (FLICKR), on Saturday Andy went and spent a bomb on very nice new router, we couldn't get it working as we didn't have pp address SKY would not give us this information even though it was ours because we had not got the router from the company they have a deal going with, this is against the law but to get our information we would have to put are requisite in righting so would have been of line even longer, they totally had us over a barrel and would not help. on the realisation i may not have access to internet (FLICKR) did not react in the best way, as you can see from my photo's i'm not a softy and as andy knows i don't really cry, i burst out crying and rang my dad and could not stop whaling SKY IS A FUCKING CUNT, i don't normally use the c word in front of my dad (or cry). i went on my neighbours computer for a few minutes next day but though considering my insane reaction i should go cold turkey, i did and feel much better for it and my house is sparkling and yeeeaaahhhhhh i'm back on line !!!!!! ( still haven't got my computer back from menders though!)

Thank you to all who sent messages worrying were i was it's nice to get back and find out i was missed(i missed you all too!) and will try catch up with your streams tonight.

just in case any one missed the important bit, SKY IS A FUCKING CUNT.

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Taken on March 28, 2010