Star aka SuperStar
Star is currently 8 yrs old. We got her when she was just 8 weeks old. She is so smart, very sweet but definately not a push over. She's very much of an alpha female. She is our "Mother Hen" of our pack.
Stars Story :
We lived out in the country at the time - and saw a flyer at the store advertising Puppies Needing New Homes - Rottweiler mix - We just had Duke at the time and decided we really wanted another dog - So we drove about an hour even farther into the country & mountains to see these puppies - we were there for quite awhile - the people and puppies were all wonderful as were both the parents to the puppies : ) Her mother was a beautiful purebred Rotti and her father was a solid black Border Collie mix with a natural short tail. So some of the puppies had long tails and some got thier Dads short tail - Star being one of them.
But basically Star chose us - she just insisted on being in my lap and my attention...... Anyway - it was quite late when we were driving home - she was in my lap - I was trying to think of a name - as I looked up to a pitch black sky with what seemed like a million stars - so beautiful and then saw several shooting stars as well - and thats when I knew what her name would be : ) "Star"....It was perfect! : )
We call her our little Super-Star or Star-Girl : )
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