• I would maybe put a bit more...debris or junk in this area here. It seems a bit...sparse. - Crimson Wolf
  • Motorcycle here, maybe? - Pumpkin111196
  • Yeah, while editing the photos I realized I probably should have dragged some of those chains over...
  • this road is too nice. add some pot holes - \V/_


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What happens when the apoc chick settles down? What happens to all those people she carefully avoided? They have come.

/cue wicked laugh

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  1. Louis K. 59 months ago | reply

    great scenery.

  2. Johŋ 59 months ago | reply

    Great planks and telegraph pole. Not especially liking the roof, but nonetheless it's collectively awesome.

  3. Crimson Wolf 59 months ago | reply

    Very nice. I agree with the sentiment about the roof, its not the best, but still, very cool.

  4. -Pendragon- 59 months ago | reply

    Very cool scene! I like the wooden barricade on the building.

    I kind of like the shaping of the roof, but think it could use some more plates and tiles attached. Right now it looks a little plain, and the tiles look tacked on.

    The yellow stripe looks too bright compared to the rest of the scene. I think tan would be much more fitting.

  5. ElNickre 59 months ago | reply

    This makes me want to finally get crackin' on that Will Scott MOC I meant to post a year and a half ago.

  6. Amhakia 59 months ago | reply

    I gave you some crap over on MOCpages, but I'll have to make amends here and tell you that I actually love this one. The composition works nicely I think (the structure conterbalanced with the electric pole), and I'm liking the variation in texture. I also have to agree that another choice for the roof might have been nice, but all in all still a great little MOC.

  7. Derek Almen 59 months ago | reply

    lol @ the barbed wire in the bush.

  8. JD Luse 59 months ago | reply

    Thanks everybody! I can't tell you how much the feedback is appreciated.

    -Pendragon-: Thank you for the tips; I'll be sure to keep them in mind.

    ElNickre: Hey, I'm all for you building more. Let's go! ;)

    Kelso: Thanks for the complements! I found that MOCpages comment quite humorous, but I think you're gonna have to put up with me for a couple more years...at least.

    Pretty much everyone: I admit I didn't notice the flaws in the roof until you pointed it out, but in hindsight I do agree that it could be better. It was my first attempt at using any sort of rounding technique, so I'm glad to have some criticism for future builds.

  9. JD Luse 59 months ago | reply

    ^Thanks for the nod; that's neat blog you've got going.

  10. LegoLord. 59 months ago | reply

    I love the telephone pole. Nice work JD.

  11. DARKspawn 59 months ago | reply

    Sorry I missed this, great dio, definitely has that run-down look

  12. Eggy Pop 59 months ago | reply

    this one is pretty cool. great roof action.

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