Swooping Snitchbug

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    Scientific Name: Scarpanica kesperens

    Family: Scarpanid

    Olimar's Notes:
    The scarpanids originally lived on the ground, sporting poorly developed vestigial wings. This species developed enlarged antennae that can be used as makeshift wings. Scarpanids are attracted by the sight of large groups of Pikmin in cavalry formation and will swoop down to seize them. However, scarpanids do not eat Pikmin, and they will drop any seized Pikmin after a short time. The reason for this behavior is unknown, but I look forward to future research in this area.

    Louie's Notes:
    Remove the wings, marinate a well-marbled steak for several hours in a chipotle marinade, then charbroil to perfection.

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    Photo and Creation © 2009 Filip Johannes Felberg

    Olimar and Louie's Notes © Nintendo

    1. E(rik) 97 months ago | reply

      Very good. Make the arms bend and its perfect.

      BTW, do you keep everything you make built or you take them apart after picture?

    2. Filip Johannes Felberg 97 months ago | reply

      Thanks you very much for the comment! :)
      Actually, I keep everything I have built! I am planning to take a group photo of all of the creations when I am done with this project! :D

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