Bin Pride
For most of the year the Hyde Park Bins lurk nervously in back alleys far from the bright neon lights of the takeaways, but on the thirtieth of June the leases of Hyde Park student houses expire and a year of rubbish is discharged into the streets.

On this day the Hyde Park bins come out to have their day in the sun. Thousands strut their proud diversity; over-laden, their gaily coloured lids gape, black bin liners cluster around them, simple rubbish clamours to get into them.

Through this carnival of rubbish move students and their parents. For many graduating students, it is the last they will we see of their university town. For the parents of students moving out of halls, it's an unsettling intimation of the lives their children are going to lead. For the landlords, it's reassuring evidence of their continuing prosperity.

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