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It has become necessary to have a number of Sweet Chestnut trees cut down in our garden, they have become unsafe, due to fungal infections, caused, in part, by the predations of woodpeckers. Very sad, because one of them was almost 300 years old, but they overhang the adjoining property, and we had little choice. Once a tree of this size is felled, there are many hours of work left to do!


This is the second in my rather un-scientific tests of washing soda content in Caffenol. Here, I used 15g of crystalline sodium carbonate, whose water content was known to be 50%. All the other parameters were as the previous photo, although I did use a different camera, a 1938 Kodak Duo Six-20, made in Stuttgart, at the Nagelwerke factory. This is almost a straight scan, I have only adjusted the levels & colour slightly, and the negative would have printed well on a grade 3 paper in the darkroom.


1938 Kodak Duo Six-20, f3.5/75mm Kodak Anastigmat lens, X2 yellow filter. Fomapan 100 @200 in Caffenol C, 15g crystalline washing soda(50%water), 6g Ascorbic acid powder, 20g Instant coffee granules, water to 500ml.12 mins @21C

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Taken on March 28, 2011