• Not really feeling these - they feel a little too scifi/portal. A mix of smaller trash/debris would probably feel a bit more realistic - [Carter]
  • NPU level: instant orgasm. - =DoNe=
  • Bullet holes could do with some more dispersion/randomization - don't be afraid to use plates in addition to bricks - [Carter]
  • :D - Andrew Somers
  • You like? :D
  • Spartan pit of death? - Angelo_S.
  • I agree, they don't really fit too well, and some more little rubbish on the floor wouldn't have misstood too.

    I'll have to keep that in mind for my next work, thanks for your input.
  • I don't completely understand what you want to say here, but I guess I should indeed have some more variation in my bullet holes, thanks once again.
  • Thanks man :D Glad you like it :)
  • Oh, just that the heights of the holes can be varied more - having them all change height by a full brick makes them look a little too organized - [Carter]
  • Love these plant pieces, especially in this color! - BrickTechStudios™
  • So do I, I was way lucky to get a bag of 10 (what you see here is 4) for a reasonable price, they're unaffordable on Bricklink.
  • Yeah, Carter does too. >:3 - Empty Sandbox
  • <3 LUGBulk. I have too many leaves and not enough trees now; #firstworldlegoproblems - [Carter]
  • I take it I was right. Haha!
    :) - Empty Sandbox
  • Ace, man! This is some nice NPU! - Lord GearHead
  • delish - Lucas. F.
  • You beat me to that ;) - ShareburG
  • Agreed. - rabҚ
  • It looks odd to me to have this upper ridge broken and the lower one by the window intact. - -Pendragon-
  • agreed - sok117
  • Smashed window is awesome! - Swandalf1997
  • Help! i don't wanna fall in the hole! - Swandalf1997
  • *spartan here* - русский☭
  • The hanging pieces here, are really making this building great! =D - Tech Hunter
  • HOLE! - S.A.U.R.
  • Almost didn't notice this skelley. :3 - ForeverAloneHorse1
  • Nice detail on the walls and leaves and stuff! - JayJay7531
  • Hello? Darth Maul? You still down there? - Pink Stormtrooper
  • Love the wound - House Dimir

Chernobyl AD

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For something that's been untouched for decades there's still more to discover then what meets the eye.
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
Overall scene inspired by Carter's Company Man Ever since I saw that scene of his I've been feeling like doing something that looked like it because I really liked it.

Also thanks to Lego Junkie for inspiring me with his
Pripyat Series thanks Evan, awesome builds :D I hope you like mine too, feel free to add C&C for stuff to change as I really enjoyed your work and I want to make something as good as possible :) Also thanks to you for inspiring me on the figure.

Thanks to Pecovam for creating the custom bloody arm, I won it in a contest and I've never really put it to use, guess this was a nice occasion, I hope you like it :D

And thanks to Eturior, who was the person that in the first place told me I should do something Cold-War related, because I was going to enjoy scenes, well I sure did man, thanks a lot :D I hope there's more to come.

Oh and yes of course, I'd almost forgotten :D Thanks to Andrew Somers for the boxes :DDDD

Maximum fave count this had = 234 :D

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  1. Julandrius 32 months ago | reply

    It got 100+ in under a day :D

  2. Eturior 32 months ago | reply

    As I said, fuck you :3

  3. Panzy-boe 32 months ago | reply

    Now I'm fave number 200:D

  4. Eturior 32 months ago | reply

    Ummm, nope, I am c:

  5. [Fritz G.] 32 months ago | reply

    Nope. 200th here.

  6. Panzy-boe 32 months ago | reply

    Panzy strikes again and takes the 1st place:3

  7. -Juzu- 32 months ago | reply

    EDIT: Juzu takes the 1st place C:

  8. Panzy-boe 32 months ago | reply

    Juzu I will invade your nation for this c:

  9. -Juzu- 32 months ago | reply

    Panzy pls (no) :3 Shall we make the alliance in LoB, soon? :D I don't (yet again) know what I should build for LoB..
    Fuck you >:3

  10. Panzy-boe 32 months ago | reply

    I send 3 men to invade your capital now! >:3

    And it's a yes for an alliance:3

  11. -Juzu- 32 months ago | reply

    :DD I will make a mini MOC about our leaders meeting soon :3 I just need to know how your leader looks like.

  12. Ben Unleashed! 31 months ago | reply

    Do you mind if I copy this build? :3

  13. Julandrius 31 months ago | reply

    If you give credit for inspiration then no problem :)

  14. =DoNe= 31 months ago | reply

    Do you mind if I copy your Credit :3

  15. ~LegoElite~ 25 months ago | reply

    This is absolutely incredible! The amount of details is outstanding!

  16. The Crea1or 4 months ago | reply

    I love the tunnel/ pipe/hole

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