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Chernobyl AD

For something that's been untouched for decades there's still more to discover then what meets the eye.


Overall scene inspired by Carter's Company Man Ever since I saw that scene of his I've been feeling like doing something that looked like it because I really liked it.


Also thanks to Lego Junkie for inspiring me with his

Pripyat Series thanks Evan, awesome builds :D I hope you like mine too, feel free to add C&C for stuff to change as I really enjoyed your work and I want to make something as good as possible :) Also thanks to you for inspiring me on the figure.


Thanks to Pecovam for creating the custom bloody arm, I won it in a contest and I've never really put it to use, guess this was a nice occasion, I hope you like it :D


And thanks to Eturior, who was the person that in the first place told me I should do something Cold-War related, because I was going to enjoy scenes, well I sure did man, thanks a lot :D I hope there's more to come.


Oh and yes of course, I'd almost forgotten :D Thanks to Andrew Somers for the boxes :DDDD


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