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Farmer's Rock

It's the year 2123, Earth has fallen appart in tons of smaller rocks. The explosion that caused earth to break seems to have destroyed the ozon layer, thus creating a no-gravity field aroun what used to be our globe. That's why all the small pieces of debris that were able to survive are now floating around in an endless big universe.


The people that survived started inventing machinery powered by steam, as the old power resources such as cole and gas had gone lost. What we see here is Farmer's Rock, the floating piece of land where the ZULU clan farms their needs. It's situated about what used to be Paraguay. Through use of monocopters and hot steam balloons they're able to transport their goods.


I worked quite hard on this, it was literally a project with ups, and quite some downs (such as the fact that it kind of fell appart when I finally finished it...)

Other then that, I personally quite like it, though it seems a little flat at the bottom; this is kind of thanks to the picture though, there's more layering in the rock then you can actually see.


Oh well, long rant was long, I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment / fave :)

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Uploaded on December 29, 2011