Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

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    December 21st, 1638 was the last time we had a lunar eclipse on a winter solstice full moon. -30 C and a 600mm manual focus lens was cold on the hand.
    Thanks for your visit and comments... I have learned about photography from viewing your great work. Last night we were lucky as it cleared up after a few cloudy days then clouded over after the show was done. The cool part was the lunar halo from earth as the moon was eclipsing but I didn't have a second camera to capture that and it was too cold to touch the lens that much. I was lucky and to see this once in a life time eclipse and and even luckier to have you as Flickr friends in helping become a better photographer.

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    1. MariusR. 51 months ago | reply

      You deserve the Exquisite Seal of Quality Award !!!

      seen in FreedomHawk Award

      Please Remember post 1, and Award 3

    2. Fatherclick 51 months ago | reply

      Good job Bruce! We were under a cloud cover, so we were not blessed to see this celestial event!

    3. Kate for a change 51 months ago | reply

      Excellent capture, I'm so glad you caught it whilst I was still crawling out of my warm bed!

    4. Margit86 51 months ago | reply

      Wow, this one is fantastic. You are so lucky to get to experience it. Where i live it was cloudy and snowing around the time of the eclipse.

    5. Vesuvianite 51 months ago | reply

      Super shot, Bruce. It was totally cloudy here, so there was no chance of seeing this. I really wanted to......

      From the Washington Post:
      The eclipse was extra special because it happened on the winter solstice. The last time both happened on the same day was on Dec. 21, 1638, according to the Geoff Chester with the U.S. Naval Observatory.

      The next time both will occur on the same day is Dec. 21, 2094.

      Hmmm.... don't think I will be around for that one.

    6. monophysite57-zzz 51 months ago | reply

      Great moon eclipse shot-I was so frustrated when the clouds were thick here on solstice nicht.
      Your impressive image
      deserves our TMI award

      WindFlower Globe

      Thanks for sharing with us

    7. fragglehunter aka Sleepy G 51 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot! Was seen in:

      Holy Creations of NATURE
      ~P1 Award 2~ [NO People]

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      "Sweeper is ACTIVE NOW"

    8. Fu-yi 51 months ago | reply

      A very beautiful shot...!! Awesome!
      Merry christmas my friend!
      fu-yi compliments

    9. malai mavino@850 51 months ago | reply

      Fantastic image,beautiful colour and Excellent Capture..
      I love this wonderful picture.
      You are really great and Wonderful to me.



      would really appreciate your views on my picture…
      Have wonderful week and happy new year 2011
      to you and your family..

    10. cadvan3 51 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot! Was seen in:

      Holy Creations of NATURE
      ~P1 Award 2~ [NO People]

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      Pics with 10+ Awards Post Here
      "Sweeper is ACTIVE NOW"

    11. judy4652 51 months ago | reply

      Beautiful series of shots, Bruce! I managed to see a partial eclipse then everything was shrouded in cloud!!

      Seen In My Contacts

    12. Nuthatch in VA 51 months ago | reply

      I know it was a great moment for you. I viewed only a part of this event here. Merry Christmas, Bruce. wishing you peace joy, good health and prosperity in the New Year. Like you, my life has been enriched by the Flickr family. I have learned so much.

    13. ♥DonnazMagicalPix♥ 51 months ago | reply

      Wonderful capture, Bruce...!

      This image really is intuitive, poetic, beautiful,
      wild, imaginative, and powerful .

      I admired it in:

      North Wind's Daughter

    14. carolina hdez1 51 months ago | reply


      POST 1 ----> AWARD 3
      With 5 or more awards received a special invite

    15. Mukul Banerjee ( 51 months ago | reply

      This Visual Art was Enjoyed in VISUAL ARTS Group:

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    16. ● SandroG 51 months ago | reply

      Really a great photo!

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      I would appreciate your comments

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