2010_01_08_Jeff Anderson at NEMO
Jan 08, 2010

Nemo welcomes the Jeff Anderson Memorial show "I am Snowboarding" to Portland! Over 500 friends came to view the art and listen to DJ JOELSKOOL Kandi Coded.

Jeff''s be gone for 7 years now and many of the folks in the space never had the pleasure of meeting him. However, there was a honest sense of community that resonated and somehow bonded the group in a small way. Carpe diem.

The community of snwboarding and the North West came witnessed amazing art, the sounds of DJ Joelskool and Kandi Coded. Terry Kidwell, Bud Fawcett, and other legends of the sport walked the halls as a simple reminder that this community we call snowboarding came from humble beginnings.
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