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Faceful of heli... my new addiction

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I just upgraded to a fancier heli... the CoCo Lama. It's a blast and only 119 bucks... for everything, full assembled, ready to fly. Two folks from work have ordered them after a lunch-time demo flying in the hallways and offices.

What sucks: on my 4th flight of the day, a stabilizer bar plastic guide snapped off mid-flight... sending the helpless heli backward at a steep angle and into the ground. Time for some parts.

  1. Abby K 101 months ago | reply

    e542?? doesn't have quite the same ring. or maybe I'm just not used to it.

  2. juhansonin 101 months ago | reply

    E542 sucks. The whole re-org renaming scheme is terrible. Someone got paid to come up with that.... on your tax dollar.

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