Grey Persian Cat

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    Chilero, our grey persian cat. She lives in Costa Rica now but came from Malta to start with. As the true princess she is she traveled in the cabin in her own seat instead of with the rest of the animals.

    All my photos are CC feel free to use them but if you do please link back. If you're really nice link to, my blog.

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    1. Psychedelicsister 96 months ago | reply

      Awwww, she's a beauty.
      Looks like my Meena who is a blue golden.

    2. c_srishti 94 months ago | reply

      Hello Magnus,
      I just finished painting your beautiful Chilero! Thanks so much for granting the attribution creative commons licence on this amazing picture! I have given full attribution to you and you can see the finished painting here:
      Srishti Wilhelm

      PS: you can also see it here: in case you don't have facebook account...

    3. Magnus Bråth 94 months ago | reply

      It looks great! I'll try and tell her she is now also a model - not that she'll think much of it, she probably believes that anyone not painting her must have made som sort of mistake.

    4. M Sigfridsson 87 months ago | reply

      Hi there, I was on Malta last week and met this wonderful cat, looking just like this one! I contacted the owners who gave me a photo and showed me the certificate that proves it is a true Persian. I am searching to see if I can find a cat like this one in Sweden, but no success. Other persians don't look like this. The cat also had a lovely personality. Did you get it from a breeder at Malta? The one I met was one years old.
      (I hope I understand where your answer is to be found, if you send me one...)

    5. Magnus Bråth 87 months ago | reply

      The cat is born in Malta where and I bought her there. They are not that roughly bred in Malta compared to Sweden and have a more natural look. I don't know about the possibilities to bring a cat from Malta to Sweden but I'm thinking a few months of quarantine. This particular one lives happily in Costa Rica nowadays and she actually just had kittens.

    6. M Sigfridsson 86 months ago | reply

      I have checked how to import cats, and it seams 4 months of quarantine can be avoided if you follow very detailed instructions on different shots and lab tests (rabies for example). It seems time consuming and costly, but most of all, it can't be very good for the health of the cat, especially the rabies shots.

    7. DL101 84 months ago | reply

      She's a beautiful princess!

    8. jazzejunqueinc 83 months ago | reply

      Hey,Pfssssft !
      Your photo is really Fizzling !!!

      ^♥^~~~~MeOw Wow WoooooW WoWSers~~~~^♥^
      ThanX for sharing with us .
      And if you haven't already ,PLEASE JOIN US!
      We hope to see many more !

      If you haven't already please Join us !

    9. ken_ilarde 76 months ago | reply

      she's a beauty

    10. sandie_richardson 64 months ago | reply

      Hello, I've had to create a yahoo account to post a comment here, our cat looks exactly like yours! We bought her from a breeder in MarsaScala in Malta around three years ago. Maybe they're sisters???

    11. lucyal20 52 months ago | reply

      What a great picture!!
      You are invited to post it also in the group:

      Un persiano é per sempre

      Un persiano é per sempre - A cat is forever

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